Public engagement and media coverage


  • Interviewed  with my PhD student Stephanie Maher about our “Solitary Bee Project” on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
  • Television interview with my PhD student Stephanie Maher about our “Solitary Bee Project” on BBC Look East


  • Invited speaker and panellist at Public Policy Exchange event – “Promoting Community Partnerships: Tackling the Decline of Pollinating Insects in the UK
  • Interviewed about the Asian Hornet on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire


  • Invited talk on winter active bumblebees at the Essex Bee Keepers Association.


  • BBC Gardener’s World Magazine – featured my research in an article on winter active bumblebees (Dec).
  • BBC, The One Show– featured my research on winter bumblebee foraging behaviour.



  • NERC Planet Earth online (Podcast) – describing my experiments on predator avoidance learning in bumblebees (link).
  • BBC World Service – interviewed on Science in Action (5th Sept).
  • New Scientist Online (5th Sept).
  • Nature News – doi:10.1038/news.2008.1082 (4th Sept).
  • BBC News Online (4th Sept).
  • New Scientist – issue 2560 (13th July).
  • The Daily Telegraph Online (4th Sept).


  • BBC Radio 4 – discussed over-wintering bumblebees on Changing Places.


  • The Daily Telegraph (14th July).
  • The Independent (13th July).


  • Soil Association Natural Enemies Workshop – I ran this workshop for organic farmers (2003).


  • BBC Radio 4 – discussed social wasp biology on The Living World.